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In March 2019, MOZ revised their algorithm and there has been a major decrease in the DA of all website, so the information below is only for reference Kindly note that the below offer was only valid in 2016, in 2019 it is no longer valid, this information is only for reference
2016 domain offer
In April 2016, google stopped showing google page rank
In September October 2016, google has systematically deindexed a large number of domains/websites especially domains where wordpress blogs were installed so that companies do not spend any money on SEO, all the advertisers use Google adwords. Officially the reason which was given is that these websites were involved in copyright violations, however many domain investors had leased the websites to ad networks and anyone could post anything they wanted on these websites, violating copyright. Many domain investors do not have a google webmaster account, so they do not know what the official reason could be for deindexation.
Cheap High MOZ DA, keyword domains for sale from price in US $ = Domain DA for domains which are less than 1 year old , for lease for 1 year for $9 for those wish to check the traffic to these websites with the parking companies they use.
For domains which are more than 1 year old, price will increase depending on the number of years the domain has been registered.
Online sellers, link building firms and others who require google indexed high MOZ Domain Authority, Majestic Trust Factor, Majestic Citation factor domain names regularly can contact to get a better deal from an experienced domain seller.
More expensive domains like ,, are not listed on the website due to low priced offers. Please send your requirement to Initially only 5 domains will be sent to buyer and more domain details will be provided only if an order is placed
Expiring in 2017.
DA20- DA 30 domains
2016 domain sale offer ends, not valid in 2019
To ensure that the domains are not deindexed due to corporate espionage, the list of domains has been kept confidential
Push to buyer account with same registrar. Domain transfer/push procedure
Pay: PayPal, Skrill
Transfer: All push to buyer account with same registrar, domains with Dynadot, BigRock, Godaddy,,

Companies and individuals who want information, or photos for their website can send an email to and
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