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Depending on the budget, businesses and individuals can choose to purchase or rent any of the domains in the network where this banner is shown

Please note that almost all the domains in the network are owned by a single domain investor, private citizen since they were registered, and if the domain investor is paid the market price there will no dispute regarding domain ownership. Since the domain investor has paid domain renewal fees for more than 15 years for the and domains, she will only accept prices similar to ESTIBOT prices

Highest domain sale till date, $4000 in 2021 through Escrow to a domain registrar, $2500 at Godaddy in 2019. Details of customers can be provided on request
Please note that businesses or individuals who cannot afford to purchase the domain outright, can also rent the domain paying a nominal annual rental fee to cover the domain renewal fees and handling expenses
- $100 for domains
- $50 for and other domains
Most of the domains have some type-in traffic and these details can be shared with interested genuine buyers or others interested in renting the domain. Interested clients can request an invoice and the name servers, DNS details will be changed for one year, after the payment is received.

Hence do not make any cheap offers for domains. While some people may have plenty of time to waste, sending low priced offers for expensive domains, I will not respond , wasting time
For all domain names sold online, the domain will be transferred or pushed to the customer account only after payment will be received. If required seller will send an invoice to the buyer before the payment will be made, so that there are no disputes at a later date.
The following payment options are acceptable
- Skrill
- Paypal
- Webmoney
- Bank transfer
- cheque /Demand draft (after it has been credited) to the account

References of satisfied customers can be provided, for domain investors, seo companies interested in purchasing the domain names at the market price. Indian customers interested in purchasing the domain name, online will receive an invoice with bank details for making payment.
Companies and individuals who want information, or photos for their website can send an email to and
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