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Kindly note that for expensive domain names, there are often 30-40 buyers worldwide interested in the domain names, and a decision to sell the domain name to a particular buyer is taken after contacting all the buyers, with the buyer offering the best price for the domain name usually getting the opportunity to purchase the domain name.

Though many buyers may prefer to use domain brokers like sedo, escrow, the fee to be paid will reduce the profit made and the transfer can take a long time. After some unpleasant experiences, it has been decided to sell the domain names directly to customers, with the domain transferred or pushed to the customer account, after the customer payment has been received. Domains are also sold directly through the marketplaces of domain registrars like Dynadot, Namecheap and Godaddy, where the domain is pushed directly into the account of the buyer

Before making the payment, the buyer should provide details of his or her account with the registrar where the domain was registered to the seller. The procedure for pushing a domain name, will vary depending on the registrar, in some cases, the customer id or email id will be required, for other registrars like Dynadot the forum name will be required. The domain seller is not accountable for any delay if the buyer account details are not provided.

NTRO, raw, cbi are likely to contact any buyer contacting on phone, email and try to mislead the buyer that their fraud employees who have never paid for any domain, own the domains, to cover up their FINANCIAL,BANKING, DOMAIN FRAUD, Hence it is advisable to purchase directly from the domain registrar since the domain registrars are aware of the fact that the lazy greedy liar google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees are least interested in paying any money for the domains, only make fake claims for the last ten years since 2010

Usually when payment will be received between 00.01hr GMT and 4.00 hrs GMT, the domain will be pushed within 1 hour. In other cases, depending on the internet connectivity, it may take a longer time. After the domain has been pushed, the buyer should login to his or her account and accept the domain name. The domain name can be then transferred away to any other registrar.

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